About Us

Baking the Finest and Freshest for You

La Provence reflects what a scratch bakery should be. We produce an unparalleled variety of fine cakes, French pastries, breads, pies, quiches, chocolates, cookies, and more. All items are freshly baked daily on the premises using only the finest ingredients. We do not use artificial additives and preservatives to prolong shelf life, neither do we use expensive over-packaging.

Our Mission

The products at La Provence are created from proven recipes and time-tested baking procedures, filling the bakery with a truly taste-tempting aroma. The result is a consistent, tasty product each and every time you shop here. Stop by La Provence and treat your family and guests to quality they can taste.


Our experienced bakers and staff try to ensure an adequate supply of baked goods to keep pace with consumers demand. In addition to our sales at the counter, we welcome wholesale accounts with restaurants, hotels and other institutions.